7th September

Z-Day, The beginning of the end of days. The freshly infected, swift and relentless, spread like wildfire across the south of the United Kingdom. The infection spreads inordinately quickly, whilst appropriate response is tied down by endless red tape. 

Four days in and close to a million people are infected, while in parliament the big debate is still whether or not to authorise use of water cannons. By the time the army are deployed, troops are already hopelessly outnumbered.

Two weeks in and infected numbers are estimated at close to 15 million, government are airlifted to a designated safe zone north of Newcastle.

5th October

International aid proves to be too little too late as the first defensive line at Newcastle collapses under the undead onslaught, casualties number into the hundreds of thousands.


18th October

Allied forces fight a brutal rear guard action buying enough time for a second, more robust defensive line to be created, spanning the country from east to west coast on the site of the Roman Antonine Wall.

Completion of "The Wall" corresponds with a sharp drop in temperatures as infected in the north of the country are frozen solid for large portions of the day, allowing a brief respite for the battle-weary servicemen & women.

1st November

United Nations R.A.C. (Reconnaissance and Containment) Teams are deployed. Chosen from the very best of member countries special forces, these elite troopers carry out missions south of the wall from search and rescue to vital intelligence gathering operations.



Delta 6 Campaign

7th January

Panic in Europe reaches fever pitch as infected bodies begin washing up on the coast of France. After weeks of heated debate in European Parliament the French are given the go ahead for a military strike on the city of London in an attempt to thin out infected numbers. The strike has little to no effect.

4th February

Operation Hellbound - Reports reach Allied intelligence of the first known biological resistance to infection. Unfortunately the report comes from inside London, still burning in the aftermath of the French bombing & still heavily populated by infected. Codenamed Operation “Hellbound” RAC team Echo 19, led by Captain Cole Carter, are parachuted into the burning capital tasked with the extraction of the potentially game-changing person of interest.

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19th february

Operation Breakwater - With confirmed reports that 40 million infected are now within 100 miles of the wall, all remaining RAC teams are deployed at strategic choke points to the south in a desperate attempt to hold them back until a full evacuation of the civilian population is underway.

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21st February

The Battle of Glasgow.