What is Z War One?

Z War One blends classic survival horror & RPG themes with intense tactical combat & an epic comic book narrative, to provide a cinematic & truly unique gaming experience. 

The Z War One Issue #1 box set contains the extended first issue of the comic, along with the base set of models & boards you need to start playing the game. Each subsequent comic book acts as an expansion pack, continuing the game's epic story, whilst introducing new miniatures, game mechanics & environments. 




The 1-4 player campaign seamlessly makes the transition between comic book & tabletop, as the thrilling finale of each chapter plays out on the game board. Limited ammunition, resources & time limits make for fast-paced, heart-pounding action, as the fates of our comic book heroes are placed in your hands. Survive the chapter, level up your team & the story continues...


In addition to the comic book campaign, the 2-5 player Director Mode is a quick-play game variation, allowing one player, through the use of director cards, to stack the odds against the heroes, manipulating spawning, pacing & enemy behaviour to suit their own evil design!