The world's first episodic comic book miniatures game finally launches on Kickstarter on June 1st with not one, but TWO issues. The Issue 1 box set contains the first 6 thrilling chapters, along with everything you need to start playing the game. Issue 2 introduces all new heroes and the terrifying subterranean "Digger".

In addition all Issue 1 "Z Day" & Issue 1 / Issue 2 "total war" pledges include the limited edition "Agent Z" Mini Game and miniatures!

"Tactical Espionage with Zombies!" Different in tone to the co-operative Z War campaign, Agent Z is a 2 player "versus" game which pits two secret agents against each other in a variety of different scenarios. The infected still roam every board and are as deadly as ever, but now they can also be used as a weapon against your opponent!