Hey guys and girls, firstly I would like to apologize for the lack of recent updates, we've had a situation (mainly due to xmas holidays) where we've been waiting on various things then everything has happened at once which has led to an insanely busy few weeks. We are now on the front foot so updates will be coming thick and fast as of now.

So, as you may know, our intention with Z War was for the game to be made in it's entirety here in the UK. Unfortunately between the time of initial quotes & the end of the Kickstarter the UK based company which we were planning on using for some of the game's parts are unable to take the order, which has left us in a bit of a predicament. 

After weeks of searching for a competitively priced alternative UK supplier we have been unable to find a suitable replacement. As a result of this some of the game's components are now being manufactured by Wingo Games in China. We are assured that the quality of these components will be top notch and as soon as samples are received we will post pictures in an update. As ever, we are dedicated to providing the highest possible quality finished product and everything that can be done to ensure this will be done. 

So what does this mean in terms of delivery? Basically, switching some of the production to China should only cause a 1 month delay so shipping should now be around the end of April. It is an unfortunate, yet unavoidable set back for which we are very sorry.

Now for the good news! As some of you may have seen we are now including a full downloadable "print & play" 3D terrain set for free on the z war website. It will be available around the time of launch and I will be posting pictures of the final versions in an update very soon. Feedback from the few people that have had a chance to play the game with the new terrain has been very good, with the general feeling that it adds yet another layer to an already immersive experience. 

In other news, our first shipment of metal has arrived (issue 1 heroes & first 3 zombie sculpts) with another delivery due today (issue 2 + the 3 new zombie sculpts) so i'll post a pic of the full set (minus stretch goals) as soon as they arrive.