We received word from Wingo today that our shipment of components will be landing in Felixtowe on June 26th. Once we receive delivery of these here at the Dice Sports offices packing of completed sets will begin and shipping will commence. The only unknown quantity currently, is the time to clear customs here in the UK.

Delta 6

We have some exciting news for anyone that took the Delta 6 add on. Instead of the Delta 6 downloadable dossiers being stand alone missions (much like director games) Delta 6 dossiers now make up a separate campaign which runs alongside the main comic book campaign and at some point down the line will intersect with it.


New NPC for Dela 6 Add On

New NPC for Dela 6 Add On

In addition we have added an extra miniature to the Delta 6 set. He is a civilian NPC and will be used in various rescue/escort scenarios throughout the Delta campaign. You can still add the Delta campaign to your pledge here, just leave us a note of your backer number so we can refund the shipping.

UK Games Expo

Last weekend we were at the UK Games Expo and had the pleasure of meeting some of our backers and also had the opportunity to bring Z War to a whole new audience. Feedback from everyone getting some hands on time with the game was, as always, overwhelmingly positive. We also had some Issue 3 stuff running at expo, but there will be more on that in the next update!