So, after much deliberation behind the scenes the decision has been taken to cancel the Issue 3/4 Kickstarter which was planned for this year. We looked at what we had already done for issues 3/4 and the stuff we were working on for 5/6 to complete the ark and came to the realisation that story works far better condensed into 5 issues. This means that the Damnation ark will conclude with an "all killer, no filler" parts 3-5 Kickstarter early in 2018. 


Over the last few months whilst Ben has been busy beavering away on parts 3 & 4 of the ZWOD comic, I have been spending most of my time working on another Z War title. Exodus - A Z War One Story is a solo or 2 player co-operative story/game set in the Z War universe (immediately after the Delta 6 Mission "breakwater" to be precise). 

The story centres around Captain Kira Chase and Warrant Officer Mike West and their desperate attempt to flee the United Kingdom in the aftermath of the Battle of Glasgow.

Exodus retains many of Damnation's tried and tested mechanics, but also packs a tonne of new & exciting features:

  • Tracker Dials - Track your ammunition, turn times & perk usage with rotating dials on your character board rather than pen & paper.
  • Reload - Tracker dials mean that you can load ammunition into your active weapon with the reload action.
  • Crafting - Bolt together the random junk you salvage to make melee weapons, pipe bombs, med packs & more.
  • Save Tickets - On "normal" & "hard" difficulty settings ammunition, equipment & infections all carry over to the next chapter, so scavenging and crafting are essential to keep your heroes alive. In normal difficulty players are given three "save tickets" which allow you save your progress.
  • Crates - Random "quick searches" for those all important extra resources.
  • New Infected - A host of new unmentionables await you including the truly terrifying Sirens (pictured)

Exodus will be heading to Kickstarter this summer so expect lots of previews and information over the next couple of months. If you can't wait that long to check it out, we will be running Exodus demos on Friday & Sunday at UK Games Expo (stand B23).

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