In this update we are talking about the main differences between Exodus & our previous entry into the series: Z War One Damnation. While both games share a lot mechanically there are some subtle and some not-so-subtle differences:

1. Equipment & Crafting. Gone are the days of a magical ammunition re-stock between chapters, Exodus places much more focus on resource gathering, not only are you working to complete your mission objectives, but you are always aiming to finish a chapter with a healthier looking inventory than the one you started with. Searching will be rewarded with much needed ammunition, medical supplies or, much more excitingly, common household objects which can be crafted into brutal instruments of destruction.

Tape, weld & glue your way to victory like a post apocalyptic MacGyver.

2. Upgraded (and generally cooler looking) cards. Sometimes when playing Damnation I use quick fire purely because I can't be bothered to add 2 to my dice rolls. If, like me, you want to spend your table time having fun, not bogged down advanced mathematics, the new Exodus ballistic weapon cards now display BOTH quick & aimed fire tables! There are some other cool additions too, like crafting recipes for home brew equipment, and area effect diagrams for explosives.

No more painstaking adding 2, plus some other cool stuff.

3. Less writing stuff down! It's 2017 and we are changing with the times. Replacing the ZWOD tracker pad we have the tracker board. Ammunition, power perks & infection are now tracked using dials. This was mainly due to the addition of ammunition & the "reload" action although you may also note the lack of infection test, this is because infection now automatically ticks down every turn, take just one bite & without the appropriate medical care you will bleed out in 15 turns.

4. Save Tickets. For those that still yearn for the good old days of writing stuff down, the Exodus campaign uses a "save ticket" system. This means that, rather than restarting a mission in the event of a heroes death, you will instead return to a previous save point. You have 3 save tickets for the 7 chapter campaign, upon successful completion of a mission  you have the option to use an available ticket. Your save ticket details all the information about your game at the point of the save: ammunition, infection status, perks, equipment etc.  in the event of a heroes death, or the player/players choosing to retire from a mission they can restart the campaign from any of their previous save points.

These are just a few of the changes & additions, you will be able to check out them all when we publish the full Exodus rule book really soon!