So, last week a case of the flu had me temporarily joining the ranks of the undead and unable to post an update. Back at full strength this week and here's where we are at with the project:

We're still waiting on a production sample back from Wingo Games in China for some of the components which we are expecting to take delivery of very soon. As soon as they arrive i'll post pics.

Our sculptor Iain has finished the three "roamer"  zombies and is currently hard at work on the stretch goal heroes (Amy, Pacifist, Felice & Vlad)

In relation to "the pacifist" we finally reached an equipment & mechanics set that we are happy with for him. He can "stun" enemies for a 2 turn knockdown with either his staff or a stun grenade & he can also throw flares which act as a distraction to any enemies in line of sight. In test games he's proving to be a great support character.

Those of you on Facebook can check out another (longer) battle report from the issue 2 mission "house party"  This is one of my favorite missions with some interesting tower defense type mechanics. We also added a 3D rotating barricade to the issue 2 terrain set DLC.

In other news we have added "Tees Con" to our event diary this year so anyone close enough can come and jump into a game.