So, as i have been away from the office with my partner and our new baby I don't have a massive amount of info for you guys this week. So here's where we are currently at:

The last of the stretch goal sculpts are being finished this week, so we should have more pics next week. In the meantime, here's a peak at the finished Pacifist sculpt:

We are waiting on updated samples from Wingo games as a few tweaks were made from the first set so providing that these are all fine we should be giving the nod for full production of these components by the end of the week.

Metal casting for all the issue 1 & 2 minis is completed and all looking very nice. We made some slight alterations to the Resin miniatures to strengthen potential weak spots and casting of these is currently well underway.

As much of the production process at the moment does not directly involve me I have been working on writing & designing missions for Issues 3 & 4 and also getting us ready for this year's conventions. This week I mounted one of our demo tables onto a lazy susan to allow players better access to the board, the result is pretty funky :)